Armored Brigade Review | Warm Up That Cold War

Grog games have a few traits that we will never purge from the genre. More often than not, they look ugly. They also sport interfaces that weren’t designed by humans for humans. Even hoping for a decent tutorial is something that the grog industry thinks is unrealistic. However. Armored Brigade manages to dodge many of those bullets.

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The Mystery Of The Plasma Guard Kill Team

Back in the olden days of Warhammer 40,000 4th 3rd* edition, Kill Team was born. It was a scenario driven way to play. One player built a Kill Team of individually acting soldiers/miniatures drawn from a Troops-choice unit. The other would have a roster of regular goons and leader Рthey were the opposition. The name of the game was cinematic action, combined with a heavily-customized squad of Your Dudes. Over the years, Games Workshop transformed KT into the closest thing to an entry level product they have.  And for some reason, the newest Kill Team release allows you to bring 8 plasma gun toting Guardsmen into the fray.

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