Starfield guide: frictionless game design

You probably don’t need another Starfield review. But the myriad things that drag the game down still need discussing. I need to vent all that frustration, mostly with all the game design choices that make the game frictionless. And what do I mean by that? For the purpose of this post, friction is “obstacles that require skill and adaptation from the player.” As Starfield stands right now, the only player trait you need is tolerance of checklists.

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Hogwarts Legacy beginner guide – How to pretend you’re still a moral person

Harry Potter fans, rejoice! Hogwarts Legacy is slated to become the best selling game of 2023 and the ratings are high across the boards. Even the most Muggle game reviewer is enchanted by this trip into the Wizarding World! Unfortunately, there’s still the question of whether you can be a good person while financially supporting works associated with noted transphobe J. K. Rowling. But that’s why I wrote this Hogwarts Legacy guide, my morally conflicted wizard friend! Read it to learn all the magical tips and philosophical tricks!

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Leftists need to make wargames

Recently, Kotaku took a look at Ready or Not, the Kiwi-developed SWAT-like. Luckily, they touched upon the politics angle, which I had entirely missed whilst watching Controlled Pairs play it. Maybe it’s because he didn’t zoom in on boxes of redpills – though a crack den designed by whoever dreamed up Taliban hideouts for Newsweek in 2001 did seem odd. Nevertheless. the discussion about it – and the article itself – makes one thing clear: leftists need to make wargames.

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Weird War 2 Sucks, but You Can Improve It

Weird War 2 is the most boring thing that can happen to a World War 2 game not set in Normandy. From Nazis getting super tech to engaging with Cthulhu and other occult powers, you’d think it would be an interesting genre. It isn’t. I’ll focus mostly on the boring tropes that make the magical Nazi mundane – and how we could improve on it.

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