The Doomed | Fortified Niche playtest!

The Doomed review

Once someone spilled the beans that miniature wargames could be played in a cooperative capacity, it was like an opening of a flood gate. Or so it seems from our podcaster ivory tower. In any case, there’s no denying that The Doomed, a post-apocalyptic game of hunting monsters, features quite a bit of cooperation… if you care for that!

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Your strategy game map campaign is bad

map campaign bad

Phantom Brigade and Company of Heroes 3 are two very different games. The former is a turn-based-simultaneous-resolution tactics game about mechs, the latter a base-building WW2 RTS. However, they both feature map campaigns that suffer awfully from lack of variety. We’re fighting boring, repetitive battles against supposedly distinctive enemy formations that all feel the same. These shortcomings do not encourage sticking with it to the end. They’re not, however, unsalvageable. With some elbow grease, we could make them work.

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Dread Nights | Fortified Niche playtest!

Dread Nights review

Boy, everyone is hunting monsters these days. The blood of alien behemoths had barely dried on our hands before we were thrust into a damned Victorian metropolis where werewolves, vampires and stranger beings stalk the darkness. This time, we’re rounding up a crew of five souls to brave Dread Nights, a standalone Forbidden Psalm expansion.

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Eagles of Empire | Fortified Niche playtest!

A painting of French troops in the Franco Prussian war, turned to grayscale and with red pants isolated. There's an Eagles of Empire logo in the upper right corner.

When it comes to the 19th century, the wargaming crowd is usually split between the Napoleonic War and the American Civil War. But you know what other very important war happened in that century? The Franco-Prussian war! I guess it was too short – only lasted six months – to leave a lasting impression. This historical (wargaming) injustice is rectified by Eagles of Empire, a very interesting miniature wargame!

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Majestic 13 | Fortified Niche playtest!

Majestic 13 cover

Gamers have long been aware and ready to shoot the threat from beyond the stars. That’s why keep trying to get more of that sweet XCOM nectar. From here, a very logical outcome develops: a miniature wargame about a brave human fireteam skirmishing with disgusting aliens. And that’s basically what Majestic 13 from Snarling Badger Studios is!

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