Godsworn demo | Review in 7 Screenshots!

We Lithuanians adamantly refuse to capitalize on our history, culture or folk religion to make interesting video games. Developers from other countries are more enlightened than that. And that’s why the Godsworn demo invokes the pagan gods to lead the way in an RTS that fuses the coolest parts of Warcraft 3 and Age of Mythology.

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When Nightmares Come | Fortified Niche playtest!

Do you have a burning desire to pick up a baseball bat and face off against things that go bump into the night? Because this is the game about you. When Nightmares Come pits five Hunters against zombies, ghouls and other beasties fit to crawl out of a portal.

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The 9th Age | Fortified Niche playtest!

Hard to say if Warhammer ever had the good edition. If memory serves, the recommendation for Warhammer Fantasy Battles is playing 5th edition with 6th edition army books. Still, a lot of people agreed that changeover to Age of Sigmar was not it, chief. Some of those people made The 9th Age, a game of rank-and-flank fantasy battles!

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Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks | Early Access in 7 Screenshots

This isn’t a game about being a tank-obsessed Basil Zaharoff, but it may be if you try really, really hard. Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks is all about raising your company to prominence of the likes of Vickers or UVZ, just really focused on AFV production above all else. And if you know anything about me or my life goal of putting a laser on a T-55, you’ll understand that I pounced at the chance to preview it.

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Headquarters: World War II demo | Preview in 7 Screenshots!

World War 2 tactics games are plentiful. Games set during the Normandy campaign are ubiquitous. But, just like years, they just won’t stop coming. Guess what the Headquarters: World War II demo, now available via the Steam Next Fest, is about!

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Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters review | Silver linings

“Space Marine XCOM” hasn’t been a seriously developed video game concept since 1998. That was when the sergeant of the squad was first encouraged to accept his orders in Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate. But eventually the concept was revived – and the Grey Knights are at the fore-front. That’s right, I’m reviewing Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters. You can all thank my podcast co-host who gifted it and my feverish approach to playing any decent game until I burn out. 

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Stargate: Timekeepers | View in 7 Screenshots!

Despite my childhood passion for Stargate SG-1 and my general fondness for Slitherine games, I could not muster the will to keep playing Stargate: Timekeepers. These are my impressions after completing three missions in about three hours.

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Mars: Code Aurora | Fortified Niche playtest!

I heard of this game during the interview with Mr. Forbidden Psalm himself – Will Rahman-Daultrey. Since we’re suckers for both Forbidden Psalm and games recommended to us, we had get a copy. A contact with the devs and package from Northstar Miniatures later, Mars: Code Aurora physically reached my hands – and it’s a skirmish miniature game set early in the dystopian colonization of Mars!

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SAGA: Age of Magic | Fortified Niche playtest!

The beauty of running your own podcast is that you can choose to break the rules at any time. For example, we said that we’d only review games at their most basic – no expansions. But this time, we’re reviewing SAGA: Age of Magic, the fantasy supplement for the French medieval skirmish standout SAGA (second edition).

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Magnagothica: Maleghast | Fortified Niche playtest!

There comes a time in every boy’s life when he has to admit that he’ll never be as cool as Tom Bloom. Creator of the good webcomic Kill Six Billion Demons and the writer of the best mech RPG Lancer, he now descends on miniature wargames. His contribution? A blazing fast and verily flash skirmish war-game Magnagothica: Maleghast.

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