When Forge World Prices Make Games Workshop Look Sane

Today, Forge World finally made it possible for buyers to pay in whatever local currency they have. The caveat is that the new prices were set at a fixed conversion rate as decided by Forge World. This has lead to price increases: about 10-20% for Europeans, ~20% for Americans and around 30-40% for the Australians (which were already getting fleeced).

As you can see in the title image, FW prices make GW pricing look better than ever. One might also note that the new price increase does not come with any improvements in the shipping quality or guarantees that you won’t get a miscast piece of resin just dripping with mold release liquid.

Prices reavers
Why, I remember paying 43 for the Reavers not two days ago!

This also means that collecting an army for Horus Heresy/Age of Darkness has just become a lot harder to collect. At the same time, it’s throttling Specialist Games, too, since who doesn’t way to pay 32 euros for a Necromunda gang and then 20 more for a weapon set?

Prices necromunda
If you bought, built and collected a gang at launch, you certainly won’t mind to pay 50 more euros to buy the special weapons and bodies to wield them!

At the moment of writing, FW’s Facebook page has already deleted one post announcing the new change due to the amount of negative comments.

Prices - ratio
Can I say “peep that ratio” when not talking about Twitter?

The new post is still up  – for now. Angry reacts are leading the show and people are somewhat disappointed with the whole thing. Folks are leaving angry reviews, since Forge World can delete those.

Prices - disappointed
The people are mildly disappointed

Meanwhile, we don’t have unconfirmed reports that Chinese recasters are dancing in wild abandon and buying new plasma TVs, but we can make an educated guess that they totally are.

And here we thought that Last Chance to Buy was bad!

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