My Necromunda Goliath Gang In The Flesh!

Necromunda Underhive is a fun game! But even before I had the chance to try it, I had spent some time reading the books from the old game. That happened years before any new game was on the horizon. So when the new edition came out, I bought the starter immediately. I got to painting both gangs. And I finally bothered to take pictures of my entire Necromunda Goliath gang!

So here are

The Pile Drivers

Hoffa the Leader

Hoffa the Necromunda Goliath Gang leader
Kinda proud of the accidental OSL on the eyes

Hoffa is armed with a power hammer, a weapon not far removed from the tools that Goliath workers use. This high/low tech approach is also evident in his combi-stub pistol, which combines a regular slug thrower with a plasma pistol.

Hoffa’s starting leadership skill is Overseer, because it’s the only right choice he’s used to bossing people around with utmost efficiency. He is the boss, after all.

Tyrant the Champion

Tyrant the Necromunda Goliath gang champion
Tyrant wants to keep the enemy close.

Tyrant is Hoffa’s right hand man. His name comes not from his leadership qualities, but from his uncompromising approach to combat. He will wade into the thick of it while swinging his giant Renderizer axe. And if the enemy is to appear beyond his reach, Tyrant will happily chuck grenades at them. He doesn’t care much about the dangers of doing that in the tight confines of the underhive!

Tyrant has Nerves of Steel, which allows him to roll his Cool to ignore getting pinned. He’s nigh unstoppable!

Krieg the Champion

Krieg the Necromunda Goliath Gang champion
The Krumper can only be described as a Ranged Weapon if you’re really generous

The Krumper is the unique special weapon available to the Necromunda Goliath gang from the get-go. Krieg is the champion who chose it as his signature weapon. This piece of former construction equipment is hard to use, but it is dead in close quarters – and this is where the Pile Drivers want to be!

Krumper would be hard to use, what with being Unwieldy (requiring two actions to shoot), but Krieg’s Bulging Biceps allow him to handle it like it was any other weapon.

Sturm the Ganger

Sturm, A Ganger

The number of non-gangers in a NM gang can’t exceed the number of Gangers. So here’s my first Pile Driver goon: Sturm. Underhive slum born and raised, he just wants to make a beeline for the nearest target and shoot it. He’s very happy about his stub cannon. He also appreciates the vaguelly mace-shaped grenades and hopes to bash some ganger’s head in with one of them.

Crash the Ganger

Crash the Necromunda Goliath Gang ganger
Ready to crash your party

Crash is was an eager recruit for the Pile Drivers. For him, fighting the other gangs is a work no lesser than any of the industrial jobs that Goliaths take up. However, it is much more exciting!

Like many of the Pile Drivers, Crash carries around the stub cannon – the signature long arm of the house – and frag grenades. He likes to use these “party crashers” to clear a room before entering for a shootout.

Krak the Ganger

Krak the Necromunda Golitah Gang ganger
Chop, chop, boom!

At the inception, only ganger can be armed with with a heavy/special weapon. Krak is my guy with the grenade launcher! While the musculature on the Necromunda Goliath gang members allows them to throw regular “pineapples” (though they’re closer to “potato mashers” in shape) further than regular men, a grenade launcher adds even more range.

However, Krak knows that people might get close enough that shooting a grenade in their face might not be a option. For those situations, he has a brute cleaver as a back-up!

Gonk the Ganger

Gonk the Necromunda Golitah Gang ganger
I’m not always good with coming up with names

Gonk, the brother of Krak, is the other grenade launcher-armed ganger, and he will join the gang on some late campaign date.

Jax the Ganger

Jax the Necromunda Goliath Gang ganger
The Pile Drivers have a thing for grenades

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? In the Pile Drivers, that would undoubtedly be Jax. He has the clearest skin in the entire gang, which is surprising, considering how hostile the life in the underhive is both to health and beauty.

Jax totes the only shotgun in the gang and has some grenades ready for cowardly enemies hiding just out of line of sight.

Stub the Juvie

Stub the Necromunda Goliath Gang juvie
The kit isn’t great for making Juvies look Juvie-like

Stub is the first of the gang’s two Juvies. As such, he doesn’t have much to chose in the way of armament. He has a wrench and a stub pistol, and that’s just in. Stub’s hoping that his youthful vigor and disdain for danger will earn him a place in the ranks and maybe some better gear.

Jethro the Juvie

Jethro the Necromunda Goliath Gang juvie
Jethro is a little special

Why is Jethro trying to bonk himself over the head with an axe? Well, that’s because the mono-sprue gangs don’t have enough bits for all the legal combinations. There’s also the fact that both axes and stub pistols are left-hand only. So I had to improvise, putting a Black Ork axe on a grenade handle/hand. I screwed up while gluing it and the rest is history!

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