Necromunda Escher Gang Is Ready To Rumble!

You already know that I have a Goliath gang for the new Necromunda Underhive game. I didn’t stop there, though: I bought the entire Necromunda starter box with no intentions of splitting. So naturally, I had to build and paint an Escher gang, too. Here are the Blacklights.

Retribution, The Leader

Necromuda Underhive Escher Leader
The sword is a little crooked, but it’s good enough for stabbing crooks with!

Angelica Guernica, better known as Retribution, leads the Blacklights. She’s like a mother to her gangers – if said mother was also a keen teacher, as reflected by her Mentor ability.

On the battlefield, Retribution is ready for anything. Any distant foe can be humbled by the fire of her combi-needler; any that draws near will have to face her power sword.

By the way, out of the box, you can only combo the combi needler with a shock whip; both weapon arms come with bits of the coat that Retribution wears on her back. That’s why I had to do some kitbashing to get what I wanted.

Hard, A Champion

Necromunda Escher champion
She whips both her hair and her whip back and forth

Gehenna “Hard” Tack is one of the Champions in the gang, and one of Retribution’s oldest friends. She is very much focused on close combat – and she’s a hard cookie to crack (har har). Nobody really knows how a lowly ganger like her got her hands on a plasma pistol – Retribution’s combi-needler is widely assumed to be a House Escher gift for assuming leadership of the gang. The whip, however, is built right there in the underhive, a creative reworking of some wiring melded to a handle from a broken chainsword. Hard also carries grenades to flush out any hiding enemies.

Hard is known for her ability to Spring Up, which helps her to get within striking range of her target.

Suit, A Champion

Another Escher gang champion
You really don’t want to meet a shotgun in the confines of the Underhive.

Aennisse “Suit” Pritt doesn’t really know where her nickname comes from. However, she wears the red bandana, the sign of Champion in the Blacklights, so Escher gangers both young and old know better than to ask. For other people, she has the shotgun. While such a plain weapon seems like a strange choice for a gang champion – who are known for carrying the finest firepower outside of the Leader – Suit appreciates its rugged simplicity and versatility. When solid slugs or a cloud of pellets fails to down the foe, she is ready to carve him up with a Stiletto knife.

Suit is quick to appear where her shotgun is needed as she Sprints through the dark, musty halls of the Underhive.

Hype, A Ganger

Hyper, the Escher ganger

A side view of Hyper, Escher ganger
She takes it all in a stride

Narcia “Hyper” Veloc is fast – or at least she does everything on the run. She likes the high rate of fire of her autogun; this left her a with stitched-together rag of for the traditional Escher trophy. Not many underhive critters can survive being hit by a hail of autogun rounds and leave enough fur for a full trophy!

On the other hand, now that she has access to choke grenades, she might get herself some intact furs!

Reality, A Ganger

Reality, an Escher ganger
She has the only intact lasgun in the gang

Verity “Reality” Solish loves her lasgun. It’s a reliable weapon; it can be easily recharged by finding a sparking port in the wall – or even throwing the power pack into a pyre. As any Escher ganger, she values mobility and speed – it’s always good to have the best position on the battlefield! Reality also carries frag grenades to deal with rivals who have found themselves some cover already. She is too smart to just rush after a Goliath into a darkened tunnel without having a grenade lead the way.

Visor, A Ganger

Visor, an Escher ganger
Dealing with such nasty chemicals on the regular basis is not healthy for you.

Cordelia “Visor” Tzarelle has the honor of totting the Nightshade chemthrower, the iconic Escher heavy weapon. Unfortunately, that same weapon has had some negative effect on her skin, bleaching almost half of her body white. Escher scientists are working on solving this issue – the House thinks that the female members shouldn’t share the failings of the males.

Visor also carries a Stiletto knife – in case some Goliath brute forces his way through the noxious clouds of Nightshade.

Beacon, A Ganger

Beacon, an Escher Necromunda Ganger
I think the lasgun was broken even before I knee’d her on the floor

Bianca “Beacon” Lho is probably the most well known for her outstanding haircut. All Escher gangers are flashy – and she is flashier than most! Even in the perpetual gloom of the underhive, Beacon’s hair stands out. Rumor has it that a lot of her earnings go towards maintaining it. Some will even claim that it’s the reason why she chose the economical and cheap-to-maintain lasgun as her weapon.

However, nobody says that to her face. Probably because so few people have seen it, as Beacon never uncovers her visage in public.

Actually, I had to sculpt the visor because I fucked up with plastic glue and her face just melted off. Please be gentle.

Chronos, A Ganger

Chronos, an Escher ganger
No barrel, no problem!

Galatia “Chronos” Starr is always ready to face the world with lasgun and Stiletto in hand. It is known that she hunted down the spotted beast for her trophy even without even using a gun. However, nobody really knows what her monocle does and whether it helps her in the fight in any way.

Those lasgun barrels are so fragile, OMG.

Artermis, A Juve

Artemis, Escher ganger
Spray and stab and pray!

Artemis Sesselie is one of the newest members to join the gang. Ambitious and fast, she’s has the makings of a true Escher ganger. But for the time, she has to prove her mettle by harassing fighters of rival gangs with autopistol and Stiletto. She can only hope that there’s greatness in her future.

Lilith, A Juve

Lilith, an Escher Juve
There are no dedicated Juve models yet, so you just have to do with the more dynamic poses in the kit

Most Escher Juves kill some critter to make a trophy and show their bravery. Lucindia “Lilith” Derel did it by stealing a scroll of vellum from a House Cawdor ganger. A Juve who is ready to do that is more than ready to face off against other gangs with a laspistol and Stiletto to back her up.

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