Last Chance to Buy WTF

Last Chance To Buy Medics

Last Chance To Buy is Game Workshop’s way to boost sales of stuff nobody is buying say that this shit is being discontinued. Forge World was largely immune from that, gladly selling stuff that’s hella obscure. But a few weeks ago, the crimson hourglass of Last Chance branded Forge World paints and a huge part of their etched brass range. Thousand Son players were put on suicide watch over Angron Red, some people grumbled over brass, but that was it. Today, Forge World quitly announced Elysian Drop Troops to get Last Chance’d. Even quieter, some of the Solar Auxilia range is being discontinued on the same day when a new troop transport goes on pre-order.

Last Chance To Buy Elysians
Glory, glory, what a helluva way to die…

Now, dropping Elysians is not too strange. I have a friend with a theory that this is Forge World pivoting away from 40K and focusing on what matters: Marine on Marine violence in Horus Heresy, Specialist Games and Lord(tm) of(r) the(c) Rings(BSDM). It’s a bit strange that hellstrike missiles (used on many Imperial jets) as well as some of the Krieg Leman Russ variants are getting dropped, too.

Last Chance To Buy commissar
The Commissar Commander couldn’t bear the humiliation of being reduced to a stratagem and his mold broke in grief

What does that bode for the rest of the Forge World 40K range? Do we have to scramble to sell our children to be able to afford a Death Korps of Krieg platoon before it gets Last Chance’d? Do we need to stock up on Inquisitors (“no,” says the competitive player, farting on himsef. “They’re useless now that servoskulls don’t prevent deep strikes)? Will the Xenos be the next ones to go on the chopping block? Wil Fires of Cyraxus ever get released? Will there cats sleeping with dogs and total anarchy?

Last Chance To Buy Medics
Eh, who needs medics anyways

As far as Solar Auxilia is concerned, it might as well be. The Aurox (“58 pound Rhino”) goes on pre-order on the same day when vehicle gunners (hope you like that default heavy stubber), Primos Jovan (the fairly new character set, mostly useful as SA medic proxies), Rapier weapon platforms and transfers get Last Chanced. FW offers new bundles costing hundreds of pounds on the day when crimson hourglasses grace the range and we’re just fucking confused.

Last chance To Buy Aurox
Just buy the resin metal box and kindly ignore how much of the range got killed.

So what does that say for the future? It’s hard to say. I’ve never heard any nice rumours about communication between Forge World and their GW overlords. Word of the street is that 8th edition was dropped on them with no warning. By the look of it, they’re a small bunch of overworked nerds in a garage somewhere. That would certainly explain the Awuuu parttern Bolters in the Grey Slayer kit and the any new Space Wolf terminators being CAD rehashes of the Calth termie captain.

One could point at the recent Red Scorpion releases – the two commanders and Culn the Risen (official 40K Leviathan dread) as signs that FW isn’t pulling out of the 40K universe. At the same time, this miniature business has made some super questionable decisions in the past, and nobody really knows if it won’t make any new ones some time soon. Cyraxus might still get rewritten for 8th edition, as Forge World still has Red Scorpions and Mechanicum to sell.

Who the hell knows at this point, though.

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