Warhammer 40K Gladius Reinforcement Pack DLC | Long Title

Just like Sanctus Reach, Warhammer 40,000 Gladius – Relics of War (known as “Gladius” to people maintaining sanity and character count) is what keeps us sane in this post-Dawn of War III hell dimension. And just like any good (or not) game produced in this day and age, it has a DLC. Here comes the Reinforcement Pack.

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Deep Sky Derelicts review | Airless Dungeons

After playing some Darkest Dungeon, I thought “it would be great if this was a Warhammer 40K game.” Well, nobody has pitched that easiest of pitches to Games Workshop yet. However, we have a DD-in-Space(ish) game in Deep Sky Derelicts, which I saw for the first time while visiting GamesCom last year.

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I am one of Tenno, an ancient warrior of sublime skill awakened from ageless slumber to fight the overwhelming hordes plaguing the Origin system.

My body is clad in the bio-technological suit of armor called the Warframe. Crafted by the antediluvian Orokin from materials beyond the bounds space and sanity, made to fight an apocalyptic war against eldritch machinery, the Warframe channels the spirit of a legendary warrior and possesses powers that defy the laws of nature.

My enemies are the innumerable hordes of the decaying Grineer, the flesh and steel thralls of the Corpus, and the Infection which twists all that it touches.

I use spear to catch fish.