Friday Update In Horus Heresy Legions? What’s New?

Having moved past the Istvaan III phases in beta, Horus Heresy Legions is now fully immersed in the events of Dropsite Massacre. The new Legions have already been introduced. Now, it’s time to grind them to pulp – at least before the Traitors are added into the game. We can expect at least of pair events to be kinda meh as far as introduction of new stuff goes. However, they managed to sneak in some stuff today!

Mainly, Chaos, Mechanicum and Imperial Army sets – the universal sets – got some new cards. Chaos is mainly about dealing damage, as if Defense Satellites weren’t enough, while 0 energy (!) Escape Vents allows you stealth a unit for a turn. Imperial Army is a little tricksy: from tactics that take energy away from both you and the enemy to Triumph at Ullanor which decreases in price as units die and gives +1/+1 to units in your hand and in your field. I think there’s a card that gives your warlord Survivor 5, but it’s gold, so you’re not seeing that. Mechanicum gets the most new units as well as a tactics card that makes your Warlord generate a Mechanicum troop card at the start of your turn.

Want to see the cards yourself? Open the game and crush me in the new event. Everybody does.

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