Ancestors Legacy – Saladin’s Conquest DLC review | Deus Won’t

Despite its short length, this review took a lot of time to reach the blog. The DLC isn’t that big! Ancestors Legacy started out as a game set in the early Middle Ages when Vikings roamed the earth. Do you know what else happened in the early Medieval era? The Crusades, baby! And the Saladin’s Conquest DLC allows you to fight them as the people it’s named after.

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Ancestors Legacy Review | I Was A Teenage Viking

He who follows me on Destructoid shall not know contentment or joy – but he will know my displeasure with RTS developers. Too often do they overlook lessons that should have been learned from Warhammer 40K; foolishly do they close their eyes to the shining example of Company of Heroes. But here come Destructive Creations, a Polish game studio, unsullied by the touch of old-school strategy. These men and women of ambition, mostly known for the daily American life simulator Hatred, giveth onto us Ancestors Legacy, the game that embodies the spirit of Dawn of War more than any of its sequels.

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