Tails of Iron | Review in 7 Screenshots

Boy, September was an intense month for me. I probably beat the most games in a single month – or at least it felt like it. Here are a few words on the cutest of them – Tails of Iron!

In Tails of Iron, you play Redgi the rat prince. His kingdom is devastated by a frog invasion the moment he’s crowned king. So Redgi will have to fight through loads of enemies in a Dark Souls-inspired side-scroller fashion.
First of all, the game is super cute. The art just blows it out of the water, I love the character models, I love the animations, I love the action in the background. Everything is great, and it’s a pleasure to behold as you play.
I didn’t get any real action shots for the review because I was too busy fighting. Nevertheless, Tails of Iron isn’t too hard, especially when I, a person with all of the reflexes God gifted a potato sack, managed to beat it in 11 hours. It’s more fun rather than obnoxiously challenging.
Plus, there’s really no character improvement in Tails of Iron. Everything rests on your skill and the equipment you gather along the way. But even the inventory management is relaxed: weapon classes are balanced on a speed:damage axis, armor can have resistance to specific enemy types, but outside of that, it’s all about damage and weight. A lighter Redgi moves (dodges) faster, or so I hear. I never really had the reason to get to the highest encumbrance.
I did have a particular fondness for the early game crowned helmet, and I used it even when I had some better gear. But if you’re good enough, you can use whatever you please!
Now, no game exists without downsides. For Tails of Iron, backtracking would probably take the number one spot. You do need to retread a lot of ground you’ve already covered. Personally, I would have preferred more interaction with friendly characters, so that their fates in the story carried more weight.
All in all, Tails of Iron is a game I would heartily recommend. It’s an obvious labor of love and beautiful to boot.


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