Five Men At Kursk | Fortified Niche Playtest!

The podcast finally gets to play a game by the absolute indie wargame legend Ivan “Nordic Weasel” Sorensen (though it’s not the first time for this blog). It’s Five Guys at Kursk and they’re feeling fine (as long as nobody rolls a 1 or a 6).

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Renegade Scout review | Oldhammer Done Right

Rogue Trader, when it came out in the twilight days of the ’80s, was a very different beast than Warhammer 40,000 of this day. 8 editions later, the biggest miniature game in the world struggles to actually be a good game. That’s why some grognardy veterans play ‘Oldhammer’ – editions that are no longer supported. And maybe that’s the reason why there is a place for Renegade Scout in our hearts.

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