Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Review | Oink, Stalker

So there I was, one team member down, bleeding out, with only a turn left to live. My shotgun-armed trooper had rushed out of cover to get a 100% shot and sank buckshot into an enemy – the last living foe in a three-way battle that lasted nearly half an hour. The sniper was the last of my team to activate. From where he was standing, he had a 50% chance of hitting that last dude He had used his first action to reload his one-shot rail rifle. He couldn’t reposition. The whole endeavor was resting on a coin-toss.

I closed my eyes and fired.

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AI War 2 Preview | Bonzi Buddy Strikes Back

Compstomp – playing skirmish battles against the AI rather than human players – is almost a sideshow as far as ma many RTS players are concerned. However, what if a game was structured around playing against the AI, both in the actual and meta sense? Then you get AI War and its upcoming sequel AI War 2.

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