The Silver Bayonet | Test plays for Fortified Niche podcast

Fortified Niche is my (and one other good dude’s) podcast about miniature wargames you may have not heard of.  Seeing how the general populace agrees that it’s good to play the game before you cast a pod about it, here are some Tabletop Simulator screenshots of us doing just that. This time, it’s the Napoleonic gothic horror of The Silver Bayonet.

This is the setup for we had for the first scenario: investigating a ruined farmstead where spoooky stuff has gone down. My Russians (left) vs. Cassa’s Austrians (roight).
Our criticism of the game disincentivising movement is clearly on display here as the central board was dominated by an artillery* duel from deployment zone to deployment zone.
*the scale is too small to have cannons in the game, I’m just being funny about muskets
My right flank saw Cassa attempting a charge with his dhampyr and sole cavalryman, to which I responded with musket fire from two fusiliers and an irregular. I don’t remember if the dhampyr survived long enough to fight anyone. She’s definitely dead already in this shot; the weird dude on the right is my Champion of Faith, as you can’t find Orthodox priest/monk minis on TTS.
The Silver Bayonet allows a few nationalities to have weird characters, like the Russian werebear. Since she was mowed down on the field as a human, I didn’t even get to present the funny joke I had hidden in her bear statline.
Table set up for the Scenario 7: Last Stand: a bunch of bandits in the middle, one of them is a Changeling. AI rules mean that just like your dudes, the monsters (bandits) will just stand in place and shoot.
Cassa continues to explore The Silver Bayonet’s hatred of cavalry. Was the game dev bitten by a horse at some point? Naturally, bandits react to cavalry closing in on horses by reloading and firing from >1″ away.
In this mission, you shoot the bandits till one of them dies and turns into the Changeling. The Changeling was then put down by my men, most of whom hadn’t moved more than 6″ from their starting positions.


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