Delta One Zero | Fortified Niche Playtest!

You just voted for Rise of the Reds in Moddb 2021 Mod of the Year Awards. Turning off your computer, you still feel the need for tactical action in a (not very) plausible near future setting. Time to break out those metal miniatures and play Delta One Zero, the Antipodean high-speed low-barbie tabletop wargame.

This is companion piece for the Fortified Niche podcast episode

Turns out, Contractor Trouble table setup paid off in spades as a friend of mine (but not the cohost!) set us up the map while I was hastily copy pasting PDF snippets into to upload to Imgur to make various assets needed for the game. Notably, neither the profile cards, nor the weapon upgrades or the orders cards are available to download on the game website at the time of writing.
Bucking the trend set by game developers that get invited over to play by the Perry brothers, Delta One Zero suggest 3×3 tables. This means that with some successful double move reactivations, your troops can reach mid table by the end of the turn one while suffering only mild Stress.
It is for this reason the prudent player will set up units with Overwatch orders in commanding positions. I personally am more of a prude than in any way prudent, so my Pulemetechick team was set up for Suppressive fire.
With armor non-existent (except as an upgrade that allows you to reflip wound cards) and cover only saving your from giving enemy fire positive modifiers, your dudes can get messed up – but not necessarily killed – up p. easily. That is, if the Kommissar leading a fire team doesn’t bork two Reactivation rolls in a row and die to 3E Imperial Guard Commissar rules. Poor girl never even saw the enemy.
Speaking of enemy, the seeing of… Suppressive fire acts kind of like Infinity Fire Team firing, except that the other team members have to be within 2″ of the firer and see the enemy to provide a bonus. This, I think, is a welcome improvement, as it makes you risk more than just the telescoping pointman with an HMG.
Speaking of cards for a minute: RAW, you can only use one PER TURN. Not per phase/activation, PER TURN. As it stands, you build your deck to increase the odds of drawing the card you like, and not to simply have more useful cards, and you won’t be able to use most of them anyway.
And a snapshot of the living Delta One Zero rulebook for the road. This is why you need belligerent assholes for your blind tests: that way, you won’t leave in modifier shenanigans that make your troopers better fighters the more Stress they have. Cassa says that this will be errata’d, but it still feels like a very preventable mistake.

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