A War Transformed | Fortified Niche playtest!

A War Transformed

World War I is, inarguably, one of the most pointless and disastrous wars in human history. But what if it got worse, with the Moon breaking apart, bringing back old gods and their blood-soaked magic into the field? What if the Great Powers still clung to their trenches even in the face of – and themselves enthusiastically deploying – supernatural monsters? Then the result would be something akin to A War Transformed, a World War I miniature wargame by Frederick Silburn-Slater, published by Osprey!

Listen to the Fortified Niche episode.

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The Silver Bayonet | Test plays for Fortified Niche podcast

Fortified Niche is my (and one other good dude’s) podcast about miniature wargames you may have not heard of.  Seeing how the general populace agrees that it’s good to play the game before you cast a pod about it, here are some Tabletop Simulator screenshots of us doing just that. This time, it’s the Napoleonic gothic horror of The Silver Bayonet.

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