A War Transformed | Fortified Niche playtest!

World War I is, inarguably, one of the most pointless and disastrous wars in human history. But what if it got worse, with the Moon breaking apart, bringing back old gods and their blood-soaked magic into the field? What if the Great Powers still clung to their trenches even in the face of – and themselves enthusiastically deploying – supernatural monsters? Then the result would be something akin to A War Transformed, a World War I miniature wargame by Frederick Silburn-Slater, published by Osprey!

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BelloLudi | Fortified Niche playtest!

Hey, what if you played a multiplayer game where each side had one guy as the overall commander, and the rest were trying to fulfill his orders as best they could? What if you played a game like that on a team building exercise at work? These two unlikely allies mingle together in BelloLudi!

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