Second Front review | Men against tanks

If you’re reading this post, you probably already know what ASL is. For those not very much in the know, it’s Advanced Squad Leader, probably the most famous of hex-and-chit wargames, which involve pushing around small cardboard counters (chits) representing units on a map split into hexagons (hex). In ASL, you do that to recreate World War 2 by using some fairly complicated rules. In Second Front, we have the next best thing to a full ASL adaptation for the PC.

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Regiments review | They solved mechanized infantry

The slavering hordes of Wargame-grown Abramsphiles have doomed me to forever review Cold War RTS games set in late 1980s. But no matter how distasteful I find this period, Regiments is still a good game.

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HighFleet review | Battle of Jutland but, like, in the sky

At first, I wasn’t at all excited about the revival of MicroProse. Then I heard they’d be publishing Second Front and Regiments. Now, I’m reviewing HighFleet, and you know what? That’s a good game right there.

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Carrier Command 2 demo | Preview in 7 Screenshots

I wasn’t even born when the first Carrier Command came out. But damn, the trailer footage for the sequel made it look like fun, so I was looking forward to giving it a go. Finally, Steam Next Fest came around. So here’s a brief look at the Carrier Command 2 demo.

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Regiments demo | Preview in 7 Screenshots

Renewed interest in Cold War Goes Hot games – probably driven by kids raised on their dad’s Tom Clancy books and Reforger ’88 finally reaching developer age – keeps paying off. Regiments demo shows that it may be inspired in part by Wargame, but determined to forge its own path.

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