Partisans 1941 – Review In Seven Screenshots

When you don’t have the time for a full review, you do a review in seven screenshots. This is what I’m doing with Partisans 1941.

Partisans 1941 aims to bring together a resistance group from all walks of Soviet life. You can only take three per mission though.
The game features COOONES not unlike Commandos or Desperados. That said, enemies can sometimes see further than that… not wider!
Stealth is my preferred way to do things in Partisans 1941. Push comes to shove, it helps ensure that the shooting sections will be heavily skewed to your benefit.
Tactical pose helps you coordinate actions in real-time game. Said actions often involve stabbing Nazis.
You get to spend a few days doing camp tasks before going on the next mission. It’s usually all about gathering food, but you can also make stuff, improve weapons, or do off-screen missions for fun and profit.
Sometimes, the politics of the game feel a little sus – no Nazi apologia here, but the the lack of shades of gray – of actually having to make hard decisions – makes it look close to propaganda.
And of course, the devs want to sell the game in Germany, so the flag must go. 


All in all, Partisans 1941 is a fun sneak-and-stab game tackling one of the most forgotten subjects of World War 2. One thing screenshots can’t cover is the quality of voice acting – no horrible Men of War accents here!

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