Infinity CodeOne | Fortified Niche playtest!

Infinity is the miniature wargame I have the most experience with, so of course I bungle some things in the Infinity CodeOne episode. The rules might be lighter, but the doofus isn’t any smarter.

Unless you’re going for the full 30 points game, Infinity CodeOne is played on smaller tables. And with a hard cap of 10 troopers, it’s also played with smaller armies as well. Any miniature manufacturer that encourages to have fewer of their miniatures on the table is OK in my book.
CodeOne seriously slashes the rules – mostly by just throwing unit abilities away – to make for a faster, smoother game. But the core of the game – such as your TAG deciding to shoot during ARO and dying – is still there.
And even without Hidden Deployment, having a bunch of camo markers on the map is really stressful on an active turn. The way the camo and mimetism messes with you is fully reflected in the rules.
The movement rules don’t seem to have changed much – or I just can’t tell. This remains a fairly complex part of the ruleset. Using doctors and engineers is still easy – and scary.
Crits make themselves felt just like in the main game, and a trooper caught behind the lines is as helpless as he ever was. Like I said, a good approximation of the main rules.
Sadly, scenarios in Infinity CodeOne aren’t that varied, and one of off them is straight up kill points, the worst scenario in any game. Would love to see more objective play. On the other hand, being able to lose the game because you lost a certain amount of troops certainly helps speed up the matches.
All things considered, Infinity CodeOne is a good intro into the full game. It ‘s also a fine alternative for when you want to play some Infinity, but don’t want to engage with the full rules.
And yes, we forgot to turn off the grid for the second game. I still lost.

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