Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks | Early Access in 7 Screenshots

This isn’t a game about being a tank-obsessed Basil Zaharoff, but it may be if you try really, really hard. Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks is all about raising your company to prominence of the likes of Vickers or UVZ, just really focused on AFV production above all else. And if you know anything about me or my life goal of putting a laser on a T-55, you’ll understand that I pounced at the chance to preview it.

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Unity of Command 2: Kursk DLC | Review in 7 Screenshots

The years, they don’t stop coming – and neither do Unity of Command 2 DLCs. At about 176 hours in, I was graced with the Kursk DLC. This baby is huge, featuring campaigns for both Nazis and Soviets in 1943 (and maybe even 1944), And you know what? Unity of Command 2: Kursk DLC is the best one yet.

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What a Tanker! | Fortified Niche playtest!

What if your favorite online multiplayer tank game was a miniature game? Fortunately, that’s the precisely the future in which we live in. You can finally have a use for the miniatures from the Gale Force 9 World of Tanks game with What a Tanker! from TooFatLardies!

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