Nine to Five demo | Preview in 7 Screenshots

For a cantankerous bastard like me, there’s not much fun happening in the modern multiplayer FPS scene. However, Nine to Five demo aptly demonstrates that it’s not a battle royale character shooter, which I appreciate immensely.

Nine to Five demo puts us into the mercenary gig economy. Each map bids three teams of three mercs each to accomplish the same objective. The maps are split into stages, so if you lose a stage (usually by dying), you’re revived for the next one.
Of course, teamwork is OP, so if you’re playing with buddies, you can coordinate not only actions, but also the loadouts to handle particular tasks. If memory serves, you can change your loadout for each stage, so you can always have the most useful equipment at hand.
The loadouts are built between the matches from pieces of equipment you buy with in-game currency. The closest thing to a class is determined by your armor. Each armor gives you a different amount of HP and item slots (as well as item types). So you can be a weaker gadgeteer or some assault dude who only has one tool: the bullet.
However, no matter your loadout, Nine to Five will give you a small quadcopter, useful for reconnaissance and setting up perimeters both. There were two varieties in the demo, but the one that tags enemies automatically seemed the most useful. Also, if you bite the bullet, you can still help your team (and have an incentive to not disconnect immediately) by flitting around with your drone (unless it gets shot down).
But before all of this, you can draw on the map to coordinate your moves during the stage. Would be real neat when not playing with randies.
By the way, each stage has a different objective following the narrative of the map. This desert maps starts having to secure a satellite dish to learn the location of a safe, then hack the safe, then extract via a helicopter. A lot of movement, aggressive action, as well as defense. A nod to Rainbow Six Siege: the defenders get to emplace special equipment , so it’s not just sitting in the middle of the field with nothing but your rifle to protect your bare ass.
All things considered, Nine to Five demo showed up better than I expected it to be. Will it deliver? One can always hope; recently, I’ve been feeling a bit irritated that World War 3 devs messed up and wasted all that potential to have a Battlefield alternative, so I’m a bit skittish when it comes to indie FPS devs.

Hired nine to five, what a way to make a killing…

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  1. Sounds good, thanks all the previews of the demos. You brought interesting points even in the demos that I had a different idea from yours.

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