Moon Farming demo | Preview in 7 Screenshots

This demo I spent the shortest amount of time with. What can I say, I’m not exactly a fan of them there survivacrafter games, and Moon Farming demo gave me just that – but on the Moon!

Once you’re yeet’ed from your lunar lander, you’re tasked with going to your rover to ride to the location of the base. The rover is one of the most solid designs in the game.
Speaking of which, I always have more respect for FPS games that show your legs and body.
And yes, as it’s a contemporary space game, there are mandatory references to le epic Musk. At least you can ride the truck.
One at the base, you’re tasked with a frantic scramble to get resource production going. You see, it’s one of those space colonization missions that sends astronauts out with 15 minutes of air and water. Sink or swim, Major Tom!
A great deal of life support work Moon Farming┬áis transferring the products of one device to another. For example, the solar panel produces fully-formed batteries, and the water purifier eats both them and barrels of dirty water to produce flasks of drinkable H2O. The way everything is produced in miraculous containers is a bit odd, but I guess they didn’t want the additional inventory management.
I wasn’t lying about the barrels! However, they take up almost no space in you inventory… and considering how much water you get from purification, it’s probably a realistic depiction of how much liquid you get.
You’re also treated to plenty of typos as well as weird instances of smiles being used in text. Such is the weirdness of Moon colonization. And for Moon Farming, I don’t think I have enough interest to even speculate about the quality level of the finished product.

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