Graven demo | Review in 6 Screenshots

Graven demo review

Yeah, for one reason or another, I only made six screenshots when playing this demo. But this is my blog, I do what I want. And what I want is to do a tiny presentation on time spent playing the Graven demo.

Yer a wizard, ‘raven! Actually, I don’t remember the guy’s name, but he’s a priest who is surprised to find himself alive, in the middle of a swamp, and casting spells.
Graven demo review
A proper Half-Life 1 intro sets you down on a boat while an old coot tells you all about the plague ridden swamp. You are soon deposited at a medieval city someone built in the least suitable terrain in the world.
Graven demo review
A functioning (as much as fantasy zombie plague allows) city has a functioning sewer, and that’s where you’re sent for your trial by fire. Fortunately, it’s a fairly spacious and short for a sewer level – lots of zombies, but no boring wandering through shitty tunnels. I should also mention that the “kick” button is in, but I didn’t manage to boot any zombies to their hilarious gravity-based second deaths.
While the Graven intro presents a rather grave (hah) tone, the developers let themselves have a giggle now and again. Here are some sewer rats worshipping a big green rat idol.
Graven demo review
Once you solve the municipal waterworks issue, the guards let you into the city, where you can pet the dog. You may also visit traders and just muck about in general. I didn’t play much past that point.
Look, this is a technically different screenshot of the cultist rats! In any case, Graven employs its purposefully retro visuals quite well, bringing about both a bit of nostalgia and some revulsion to having see this again. All in all, I think it’s going to be an interesting title as long as it doesn’t subject us to platforming too much.

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