Wartales demo | Preview in 7 Screenshots

What if Mount & Blade was a turn-based RPG? This is basically the concept of Wartales – and I played the demo.

In Wartales, instead of engaging in real-time field battles with fifty dudes hell-bent on drinking from your skull, you do tight turn-based tactics skirmishes. You even start off within charge distance of the enemy as you don’t have the horses or the numbers to make large flanking maneuvers meaningful.
Overland travel, however, is still real time, and thus very much reminiscent of Mount & Blade. The big difference here is that you can just find resources on the map without beating up a handful of half-naked men.
However, if you do beat up a few shirt-haters, you’re treated to a post-battle screen where even corpses are counted as loot. Sadly, the Wartales features armor deterioration, which is… well, it all depends how you felt about it in Battle Brothers.
But just like in any other game, you can repair armor (as well as do quite a few other things) by visiting towns. Towns have a neat screen displaying all the available business and cute building interiors for the ones you choose to visit. More than than that, crafting involves a minigame! This is something I’ve been raving about since Sims: Medieval. If you have crafting into your game, do it via a minigame that determines the quality of the finished product, as otherwise it’s just meaningless grind that could be cut out in favor of just bringing more money to a merchant.
Of course, crafting equipment is a lot more meaningful as every member of your small group of mercenaries relies on personal gear (as well as a few skills) to win. Each of your dudes can also learn one artisanal skill that allows them to do non-combat chores.
But there also exist skills that your team learns as a whole! Yes, your dudes need to research comradery, presumably so they could sit in a hot tub without maintaining a distance of five feet from each other.
Add it all together, and Wartales is quite a fun romp. Now, this is merely the demo, and I have no idea what shape will the final product take. Hoping for the best!


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  1. This is probably the one that sounds better from the test that you made. I played also and it’s quite fun.

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