dread nights review (9)

dread nights review
So you'd think that a game where the world is dark, chargen is fast, and a character will outright die if they get hit when downed would be very brutal about death and lycanthropy. But it isn't! NPC monsters don't attack downed characters, you can save one character per game for free, you may spend crew XP to bring back a guy with a new flaw, and you can even pay the Apothecary a whole lot of dosh to make a dude immortal. And the vampire curse? They actually give the character benefits while potentially (and temporarily) turning them into an NPC during a mission. And if you complete a mission to heal them, they get a different set of bonuses and immunity to any further illnesses. This is so good it hurts!

A character stands halfway between the board edge and the mausoleum. A vampire just spawned at the board edge.

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